Druid App

DRUID is an app that enables users to assess their level of physical & cognitive impairment.

What it is?

Will tell you if you are too under the influence to drive, operate heavy machinery, or make critical decisions.

What it's for?

Meant to keep you safe if you use marijuana or other drugs for medical or recreational purposes.

What it's not.

It is not a “drug test” but it is a test of impairment.

Why DRUID Works

DRUID is the world’s first portable fast field sobriety test for drug consumption. Unlike chemical drug tests which take time and may not indicate a person’s ability to perform certain tasks, DRUID measures performance in real time. 

The key capacities, essential for driving, that a range of drugs impairs are:

  • reaction times
  • balance 
  • dividing attention

DRUID  presents 4 tasks which test these capabilities, to the user, and analyzes  the users performance to provide accurate results of impairment.

Why Choose DRUID

What it is?

DRUID is a tool created with the intent to help people protect & increase their physical & mental stamina, their safety, as well as the safety of all those around them. DRUID measures impairment – whether from the use of cannabis, alcohol, prescription drugs, exhaustion, or any other means – thus enabling users to make informed judgments about their current cognitive and physical states. This is the first of its kind in helping determine if one should be driving, using machinery, or engaging in any other complex task with a risk of injury or death.

It's Reliable.

DRUID is very reliable.  This graph shows the DRUID scores (they range from 0-100, mostly between 30-70) resulting when the same person vaped two samples of the same cannabis on two successive days.  The scores start at the person’s baseline score of 40, go up, then decease as the body processes the cannabinoids.  As it quite apparent, the DRUID scores align amazingly well.

It's Accurate.

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Real World Application

Law Enforcement everywhere may soon be using an app similar to DRUID.  The state of California recently gave $2 million to U.C. San Diego to develop a tool to measure marijuana impairment on an iPad.  Police everywhere are likely to be using such a cognitive and behavioral assessment tool, because there is no reliable breathalyzer that is comparable to alcohol for marijuana.​  Until now, individuals have been unable to reliably assess their own impairment.

Team Members

John Hayes

John Hayes


Michael Milburn, PhD

Michael Milburn, PhD

Founder, CSO

David Hartig

David Hartig


Murray Dalziel, PhD

Murray Dalziel, PhD