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Druid Measures Your Brain on Drugs and Alcohol
Are you fit to drive, operate heavy machinery, make critical decisions?

Druid acts like a video game but is a sophisticated  measurement tool for cognitive impairment. Currently available for all smart devices, DRUID is an application that has been designed to measure cognitive and behavior impairment following ingestion of drugs such as alcohol or marijuana.

Behind The App

John Hayes

John Hayes


Michael Milburn, PhD

Michael Milburn, PhD

Founder, CSO

Murray Dalziel, PhD

Murray Dalziel, PhD


David Hartig

David Hartig


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DRUID is an app that enables users to assess their level of physical & cognitive impairment.

June 18, 2019

Risk of Car Accidents Major Concern for Marijuana Legalization

A new Gallop poll shows that 86% who favor legalization say medicinal benefit is a very important reason. It also shows that 79% of opponents say risk of increased car accidents underlies their opposition. You […]

June 14, 2019


By Michael Milburn | Jun 12, 2019 The CDC webpage poses in its FAQ: “Is it possible to ‘overdose’ or have a ‘bad reaction’ to marijuana?” To answer, they say, “A fatal overdose is unlikely.” […]

March 26, 2019

DRUID® Wins SBIR Award!

Based on the stellar scientific reviews Dr. Milburn received for this research proposal, DRUIDapp, Inc was awarded $223,000 to fund his Small Business Innovation Research Grant proposal from NIH/NIDA.  These funds will enable the DRUID® […]