↳  Are you fit to drive, operate heavy machinery, make critical decisions?

Use the Driudapp to assess your level of physical & cognitive impairment following the ingestion of drugs such as alcohol or marijuana.

Impairment Testing – information you need

Unlike drug tests, which detect the presence of drugs in your system, impairment testing measures the effect of drugs in your system. It also measures the effect of alcohol, injury, or fatigue. The gives you the information you need to make decisions affecting your safety and the safety of those around you.

How It Works

DRUID® is based on research which shows what capabilities are needed to drive and how they can be impaired – whether by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or injury. These key capabilities, essential for driving, are:

  1.   reaction times
  2.   balance
  3.   performing divide attention tasks

DRUID presents 4 tasks which test these capabilities and analyzes the user’s performance in order to provide an accurate measure of impairment.

  Medical marijuana user?

Medical marijuana can be an effective treatment, particularly for chronic pain, but it can also leave you too impaired to drive or work. Use Druid to understand your impairment level so you can make safe decisions and regulate your dosage.

Why a Marijuana Breathalyzer Won’t Work

Drug testing can only tell if you have been exposed to substances, it cannot necessarily indicate if you are impaired. To learn more about drug testing and why you won’t be seeing a personal marijuana breathalyzer anytime soon, click here…