If I were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, could my score from DRUID be used against me in court?

No. Absolutely not. DRUID does not collect any personally identifying information – just a username of your choice, selected by you. Please check out our Privacy Policy.

Can I make the screen go landscape (horizontal) rather than vertical while I am doing DRUID?

Unfortunately not—the reaction time measures, etc., are all calibrated for a vertical orientation.

​My TEST run Total Impairment Score was better than my BASELINE score. How can that be?

This may mean several things. It may mean either that you have not done enough BASELINE runs, or you started doing BASELINE runs without enough PRACTICE runs. DRUID averages the past 10 BASELINE runs, so you may have some high impairment scores upping the average of your BASELINE impairment score. You just need to do several more BASELINE runs, and DRUID will show very different results.

When I did a TEST run, my reaction came out faster than my BASELINE reaction time. How can that be?

Reaction time and errors are sometimes oppositely related, so, a person’s reaction time might be faster because they are being less careful and making more errors (e.g., a greater distance between where the circle appeared and where the user touched the screen). The overall impairment score algorithm takes this into account.

​The system is not letting me sign in. Why can’t DRUID tell me my ID and password?

Since protecting users’ privacy is a central concern of DRUID, we will never ask for or store your user ID, password, or any other personally identifying information. You and only you know your ID and password. That’s why we encourage you to use an ID and password that you will remember (be sure to include a hint for yourself). If you cannot remember your sign-in information, and you didn’t write it down, you will need to create a new account. This is entirely for your safety, privacy, & security. Click here to learn more about your privacy.

​Do I need to do DRUID in a quiet room without distractions?

No—you should do it with all the normal distractions. If you are driving, there will be lots of distractions, so your DRUID impairment score is also measuring your current ability to focus on reaction time and other tasks, despite distractions.

​On Task 3 (Object Tracking), sometimes my hand is in the way of the squares flashing on the screen, and I can’t count them all. Is that a problem?

This is not a problem. Driving requires you to use your peripheral vision, and your hand is just one more distraction that you need to deal with. Your results will not be perfect—don’t worry about that. You just need to make your best guess.

Why is my TEST score telling me I am impaired? I’m perfectly sober.

This is common, the first few times you use DRUID, because it is new. The DRUID app is a tool, and even a tool as simple as a hammer takes practice to get the best results from it. DRUID is just the same way. The more you use it, the more precise your results will be

Am I safe to drive if I pass DRUID?

DRUID is good at identifying impairment, but it does not tell you if you are safe to drive. You need to make that decision yourself—the impairment score from DRUID is one piece of information to help you make the decision, but if you feel impaired, you should delay driving or operating dangerous machinery.