Risk of Car Accidents Major Concern for Marijuana Legalization

A new Gallop poll shows that 86% who favor legalization say medicinal benefit is a very important reason. It also shows that 79% of opponents say risk of increased car accidents underlies their opposition. You […]

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By Michael Milburn | Jun 12, 2019 The CDC webpage poses in its FAQ: “Is it possible to ‘overdose’ or have a ‘bad reaction’ to marijuana?” To answer, they say, “A fatal overdose is unlikely.” […]

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DRUID® Wins SBIR Award!

Based on the stellar scientific reviews Dr. Milburn received for this research proposal, DRUIDapp, Inc was awarded $223,000 to fund his Small Business Innovation Research Grant proposal from NIH/NIDA.  These funds will enable the DRUID® […]


Druid on PBS!

In case you missed it, we’re very proud to say that last night we were featured in a great segment on PBS Newshour! Check it out here. 


DRUID featured in WIRED!

Thanks so much to the fine folks at WIRED for providing such an incredibly thorough write-up about DRUID. We’re excited to keep this conversation going! Check out the article here.


We’re on Leafly! iPhone X compatibility!

Hello everyone! Checking in to let you know we’re officially on Leafly now! Also worth noting: DRUID has been updated in the App Store, & is now fully compatible to be even more accurate with the iPhone […]


California’s division of NORML recommends using DRUID to promote safety.

With its state’s recent legalization of recreational cannabis consumption, The California chapter of NORML is now publicly advocating people to practice safety through use of DRUID for all responsible cannabis. See the top of their homepage to learn more. 


DRUID 2 minute version is now available!

Great news for all: The highly-anticipated & long-awaited two minute version of DRUID has hit the Apple App Store! If you already own DRUID, the update is of course free, so check the App Store to download the new […]