Potential Benefits: 

“Start Your Day with DRUID”

Research has documented that playing video games enhances individuals’ reaction times without loss of accuracy (Ballesteros et al., 2014; Mack & Ilg, 2014; Toril, Reales & Ballesteros, 2014; Stroud & Whitbourne, 2015). The tasks in DRUID have elements of video games (hand-eye coordination, decision-making, concentration, operating with distractions).    The development and validation of DRUID will likely provide a tool for improving general driving skills, particularly among aging adults (Ballesteros  et al., 2014; Toril, Reales & Ballesteros, 2014).

Potential Risks:

As is the case for most neuro-psych assessment tools, there is minimal risk from the use of DRUID that participants would experience any discomfort or distress.  The tasks in DRUID resemble video games, so if a participant gets disoriented from watching moving or flashing stimuli on a computer screen, they might experience some discomfort.  If participants have a balance problem and have difficulty standing on one leg, they should not use DRUID without a way to catch themselves if they fall.