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DRUID Measures Your Brain on Drugs and Alcohol
Are you fit to drive, operate heavy machinery, make critical decisions?

DRUID acts like a video game but is a sophisticated  measurement tool for cognitive impairment. Currently available for all smart devices, DRUID is an application that has been designed to measure cognitive and behavior impairment following ingestion of drugs such as alcohol or marijuana.

Fit for Work

Does your business depend on clear-thinking operators- driving trucks, operating heavy machinery, being responsible for other people?

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Medical Dosing

DRUID helps solve the problem of the side effects of pain management medication by giving you the knowledge to calibrate dosing and to adjust your activities.

Cannabis and other pain medications can be quite effective for pain management but it can be tricky to manage the dosage.  Doctors and patients want to manage pain, but they also want to minimize any impairment that compromises their ability to drive safely, think clearly, and generally go about their lives.

DRUID measures impairment--in two minutes you have a performance score that can help you determine what the effects are of the amount of cannabis you consumed, or the dosage of other pain medication.  You can check to see if there is measurable impairment that indicates you should delay driving to work, or how long it takes before the effects have abated on a particular dosage.


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DRUID is an app that enables users to assess their level of physical & cognitive impairment.

How to use DRUID